Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Final final final final final tweeks..

Front Cover - I have added a few random words to make the page look more appealing and more like a magazine.

Hooray for Carbuncles spread - I have changed the style of the running head on all three articles to give it a more dynamic look. 

Articles spread - Here I have added some more images and changed some of the typefaces from Arvo to Avantgarde. I think it looks much more attractive and appealing to the target audience.

And these are the final items :).

Sunday, 1 April 2012


Just some of many :)

More.. Whatt??!! Yeeaah, there's more..

I just discovered the "Gradient Feather Tool" and it's one of the best tools (i think). Anyhow, heres a totally different front cover for the Arkitekt Zine. I have used a completely new image of the Art Gallery which I think works really well with the overall design. Also I have kept the header the same concept as on the DPS's.  
Comments I had received in the previous crit were to lessen the amount of concepts I was using. I have formatted all the text into 9/10pt with the highlighted text in the same colour, font across the double-page. I have also changed the font for the 'HOORAY' as now it is a slab-serif it appears as part of all 3 items as a set. 
Well this was a big improvement. I have totally changed the left hand page, I have added a 'large' image running down the page and slightly across the right hand page. The right hand page, I have kept the same groupings but experimented with space and position.

Oh yeah, the page size has now increased to 240mm x 340mm