Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Finishing Touches...

After todays crit, I designed one of the 'Hello & Welcome' thumbnails from previous weeks on InDesign and has had a much better outcome compared to the one done without any initial thumbnail designs. I have taken advantage of the InDesign effects available and added an 'inner bevel' to the Ampersand (&). All text has been carefully aligned with other objects on the page i.e. the paragraph for 'SPORTING LIFE' aligns with the end of the 'E' in Welcome

The second image is a revised version of my original DPS. Also in today's crit, Jessica mentioned how text in and around the middle of the spread may be cut off. I have moved text on the left DPS over so that it less closer to the page fold. I have also added more images :). 

Friday, 25 November 2011

Some more research and synthesis...

Some more research and synthesis. First image is based around Rene Margritte, Emily Allchurch and M.C. Escher. I have used the hand idea from Escher. The second image is all about experimenting and combining new items to form something new. The final image is all about the inside and outside. I have placed all items that I can see from my bedroom window inside my bedroom and scattered items in my room around a 'birds eye' view of my street.

Sunday, 20 November 2011


Cover for Horizon Magazine with thumbnail design beside it.

Hello & Welcome..

Final design... full size, well a bit smaller. Now I don't know whether I should change the left page background to white because the black background affects the metro image on the top left.

Final DPS compared to thumbnail :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Cover!

A potential cover page is under development :) Fonts used currently are all sans-serif. I am also making use of the different styles of the font available e.g. Light and Bold. 

Am I That Confident???

Started without thumbnail roughs. Not a bad turnout. Now the plan is to get some thumbnails done. Choose a decent one and implement in the exact same method used for the Travel DPS. Then the Cover Page! :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

7 Column, 3mm Gutter.. WHATT??

Ready to go! Have just set up the 7 column grid with 3mm gutter to make my 'Hello & Welcome' introductory page :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A digitalised DPS

Finalised digital DPS
Thumbnail Design

Here is the completed DPS completed on InDesign. I am happy with this, have spent quite some time on getting it right.

The Completed (In)Design!

Here is the completed DPS! :D

I have started to add the text from my 250 words and used separate layers to separate the graphics and type. 

I have added keywords to the tram lines and the work "BEEP" four times. This represents the cars beeping at each other around Wolverhampton. Also the shape which these take resemble a "W", similar to the Wolverhampton Bus Station.

Implementation 3

I removed the original thumbnail from behind to see what it seems so far. It seems a bit here and there at the moment but I'm getting there :)

I have now started to add the text to the design. Before adding the final 250 words, to see what the text will look like and to help shape the text boxes so that they wrap around the shapes. I filled each text box with 'placeholder text'. 

Implementation 2

Second stage of the implementation in which I added the appropriate imagery I decided to use. I have not used the "metro" image located on the left as it didn't seem too good and thought the page would look 'too busy'. 

Implementation 1

Starting to implement my chosen thumbnail design using InDesign. I have aligned the text accurately.

Monday, 7 November 2011

WHATT? yess, another design...

Again, I have completed this design using complete confidence. I am able to say, after a bit of practise that I am confident in making designs on marker paper. However, I have noticed whenever I start any design I am a bit iffy and here and there with the marks that are made. However, after some time, the marks become more accurate and much more effective.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Another completed design!

A confident start to another design. 

Adding the "tram lines" to the text to make the TITLE look like trams.

Maybe the addition of an "actual" tram line would look good. and yep it did! 
 <<  The completed tram line ;)
Display of shaded areas 
Text added and shades.

Completed yet another design!
This design is a great improvement from the previous 2. I feel I was much more confident this time round. Now using the same approach I am off to produce another.