Sunday, 19 February 2012

5 Articles DPS x5

Well, this week we had to had to had to visualise 5 A3 sheets of ideas/research/blahh and here are mine:

Well this is the work I have to present in this weeks crit. We shall see how it goes. :)
So, the third layout I did was quite different to layouts 1 + 2. This is because I adapted and changed ideas from other zine's to collate and generate new ideas. I did this with the final 2 layouts too. 

Also, I was a bit confuzzled between what to portray images as. Mostly, I have used scribbles (don't know if this was a good thing to do) or use crossed rectangles like an image placeholder. But, to be honest, I did prefer the scribbles as it gave a more arty feel to the layout. 

To me, the best layout is the last one which has the circles etc. I like this because it mixes a range of shapes and images together, such as the first image which appears on the DPS is for "Victorian Architecture: A primer". For this, I drew around CD to get a rounded image. There are a range of different ideas on all layouts. I'll just have to wait and see the comments I receive. 

And, I also took my own pictures using my phone and then printed and stuck them down to label what they were and whether they are Victorian, Georgian or Modern.  

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