Saturday, 11 February 2012

Week 17.. 6/2/12

Following on from previous research, I now go on to start on some visual layouts. It was advised to start with the most difficult first so the 5 Articles DPS was the one I started with. 

Above are the 2 visual layouts I have done this week for the 5 article DPS. The first one I have already spoken about in the previous post. However, the second one, I started off by setting out a grid (I used 4 columns with gutters). The image above on the left shows 1 of the 2 pages. I have showed the different levels of hierarchy by emboldening and highlighting text. Also where there is a quote, I have enlarged this text and made it so that it is Vertical. I found the second DPS a bit more challenging than the second due to the adhering of the grid.Front Cover Layouts.I also made a start on the front cover layouts which I found much easier. I did this to relax my brain from the intense work on the article layouts. (phewww).

I found it much easier to do these layouts. First of all, I looked at some potential typefaces and styles I could use on the front cover. I took into consideration the target audience and how the style I use is linked to the target audience for the 'Arkitekt' zine. 

The first design on the left contains a broken up image which has been split into 5 columns and also adhering to the final column is vertical text displaying the Name of the magazine. 

The second design, I much more like. It is because of the style and layout that I am more fond of this one rather than the first. I like the idea of having the image running off the page leaving some white at the top for the Magazine Title. 

I have added a barcode, price, 'featuring:' and price to both designs. 

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