Monday, 27 February 2012

Onto the Mac...

I did not have much to show come this week until I thought maybe I could start to design the final DPS on InDesign.. and here it is...

In the end, I decided to use a 7 column grid each page. The first paragraph of text runs across 4 columns and is split into 2 columns (the gutter of these 2 columns matches up to the 3mm gutter of the grid. However, the second piece of text is also split into 2 columns but the gutter for these 2 columns runs halfway through the second column.  
This is the completed Double Page Spread.

As mentioned in today's crit, I found it difficult to insert a bigger semi-circle as planned in the layouts. After experimenting through a range of ideas, I finally got the above idea of having 6 circles of different images. 

Sticking with the circles, initially it was also a semi-circle planned here. But again, this did look a part of the above article, using circles like this allowed the two architecture articles to be linked and look as part of a set. Also, in order to make the circles fit, I text wrapped the 3rd circle with the text. Looks good :)

The left side page of the DPS is split into 3 articles, 1 runs across 3 columns and the other 2 run across 2 columns each. During today's crit, this was discussed and not being as successful as it can be. Also, the centre column "Wolverhampton Parks" does not look like a separate article like the other two. These problems are being addressed :).

Here is a close-up of the start of the 3 articles. The center column can be seen as a problem here. Also, whilst researching current magazines, I noticed how quotes were being designed. I used a similar approach, with this quote I experimented with kerning, leading and inner-character spacing. I did try to wrap this shape with the text in the centre article but just did not work. Also, the running head can be seen here too. 

This screen shot shows two more quotes from the final two articles. The first quote, I have manually condensed the font (vertically) and has been skewed. The second quote has been more vertically condensed and the inner-character spacing has been tightened.

Text has been wrapped around the 3rd circle.

Tom Dyckhoff's quote. 
Quotes of 2 news articles.

Final DPS.


  1. they look good so far have u decided on a size for it yet?

  2. Yeah the page sizes are going to be 220mm x 315mm. Still playin about with the layout and typefaces